Members of Alabama chapter of MUFON come together

Members coming together


  to the Alabama MUFON Members website and information area. Click Member Sign In to view the full site and navigation bar. If you are a member and you have signed in but you only see "Home" on the navigation bar, click "First-time login refresh" to display the full navigation bar.

If you do not have a current membership, please go to the Alabama membership page to complete an application and subscription purchase.

To access and utilize this page, in addition to a current membership, you must have a Google account. You can can create a Google account using an existing email address (i.e.:,, etc..) or you can use a email address. Here is a link to create a Google account using an existing email address.

With your current membership and your Google account, its time to sign in explore the site. We encourage you to browse through the site and see what information and resources are available to you. Use the menu bar at top of the page to navigate the website. We hope you find this webpage helpful and resourceful.

Please help us to consolidate all UFO related conversations here even if the conversations do not "mesh well" with one another. Having all information in a central location will help us move forward as a whole toward our discovery or resolution of the UFO phenomena and perhaps a better future for mankind and the planet as a whole.

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